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Are you looking for a professional English training provider for your company but confused by all the hype and promises? At English Today Jakarta we provide you with a purposeful direction.

Custom-made Materials

Our competitors might be happy to re-use the same old tired materials (regardless of a company’s needs), but at English Today we offer individually designed excellence. No other English training provider in Jakarta does this.
  • Custom designed materials made specifically for your company
  • Real-world application, not just theories your staff will never use.
  • Entertaining teachers who are passionate about English (we only pick the best of the best).
  • Totally immersive classroom environments where the students are the stars (not the teacher).
  • Progress you can see (and hear).
  • A confidence for speaking English that you will be proud to encourage in others.

Be Clever! Be Informed! Choose Your Learning Partner Carefully!

Don't fall for Incredible Promises

Jakarta is full of English schools. Some make crazy promises like English fluency in 20 hours! Really?

Trust in Realistic Guarantees

Thankfully, English Today lives in the real world where honesty and integrity is as important as the strategies we promote and the courses we teach.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We do not subscribe to the 'One Size Fits All' concept of teaching English and nor should you!

Individual Specialization Works

A ‘One Size Fits All’ approach to teaching English is a mistake, where the only real losers are the students. Teaching English to the staff of a mining company will not be the same for a company selling sushi. This is important. English Today understand this.

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