Christian Louboutin Introduction

As a leading fashion retailer, Christian Louboutin understands that its customers need staff who can communicate clearly with them in English. To ensure that Christian Louboutin’s Indonesian staff obtain and maintain the required level of English and possess the confidence to use it, the retailer hired us as their English Training provider.

For a total of 30 contact hours, Christian Louboutin staff take classes lead by our native English speaking head teacher – Mr Joe. His goal is not only to teach the staff to communicate using professional English, but also to educate and strengthen their knowledge of Western standard customer service skills.

Head Teacher – Mr Joe

Basic Teacher Profile

Joe has been teaching Business English in Asia for 8 years. He has had the opportunity to work with companies and government bodies such as Nestle, Marui Sum, 7/11, Hutch 3, Thai Tourist Police, UNICEF to name but a few.

Video Testimonial

Course Overview

The English course taught to the staff of Christian Louboutin aimed to not only increase their already existing knowledge of the language but also to provide a strong boost to their English speaking confidence.  The course relied on a mix of conversational and grammatical lessons where each of the points was presented in a real-world immersive environment.  The course objectives were as follows:

Course Objectives

Christian Louboutin Indonesia has some very specific areas of staff/customer interaction that we cover in their custom designed English course. We are used to working extremely closely with our clients during the planning phase which helps to highlight the primary focus and objective of the course, for example, improving the students ability to:
  • differentiate between formal and informal English.
  • greet customers and quickly understand needs.
  • improve their writing for internal company communications.
  • handle customer complaints efficiently and professionally.
  • understand English speakers from a variety of countries.
  • communicate with customers via e-mail and telephone.


As a result of the 30 hours of training, the staff of Christian Louboutin can now demonstrate the skills they have learned. Their improvement is reflected in their customers level of satisfaction.  Not only does their English show dramatic improvement but their newly required skills also continues to develop self-confidence.  Mr. Joe is able to do this by:
  • Providing a fun and immersive environment.
  • Providing only real-world English, instead of formulas and theories his students will never use.
  • Providing a confidence-building atmosphere based on conversation and real examples.
  • Instructive games that stimulate real learning, rather than dry text-book teaching.

Official Client Satisfaction Score

Course Relevancy 100%
Teaching Method 99%
Course Originality & Creativity 90%
Course Effectiveness 98%
Interactivity 95%

An Interview with Mr Joe

Christian Louboutin are really at the top of the game when it comes to retail fashion. Not only do they stock some of the most progressive and famous designers but they run regular shows that boast special guests like Victoria Beckam. For me the most impressive thing about the company is the staff; what an amazing group of people. Very knowledgeable about the product they sell and very keen to learn.
Ah that’s where experience comes in. I have been teaching business English for about 10 years and the key to knowing how to approach a company is knowing how to interest the staff so that you bring out their best.
There’s no point teaching formulas and grammatical functions they are never going to use and which will only confuse them. Confused students are unconfident students and unconfident students will never use what they have been taught. We further address this situation by giving them real-world English in an immersive environment that is both supportive and fun. With a company like Christian Louboutin it was obvious that their primary need was focused on staff-customer communications. What would be the point in teaching them academic essay writing?
Oh absolutely! When you see the staff coming to class on their days off, not because they are being forced to but because they want to, you know you must be doing something right.
Vision and passion! They would be the first words that come to mind. You cannot really compare English Today to other training providers. I mean this company ensures all of its teachers eat and breathe English.

Is your company ready for the difference?

Are you satisfied learning from a desk bound English teacher who educates from the pages of out dated books or are you looking for a multi-skilled expert and motivator who can bring out the best in your staff?  Let us show you our difference.
  • Custom designed materials made specifically for your company.
  • Real-world application, not just theories your staff will never use.
  • Hand picked, entertaining and passionate English teachers.
  • Immersive classroom environments where the students are the stars.
  • Progress you can see and hear.

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