Traveloka Introduction

English Today was tasked with providing a 30 hour course for Traveloka. As Indonesia’s number one travel agent, Traveloka has partnered with airlines and hotels all over the world and offers its customers a streamlined online service that is easy to navigate and provides the best possible prices. Traveloka deals not only with local Indonesian clients and providers but must also communicate and interact with foreign English speakers of all nationalities.

When Traveloka decided that its staff needed to improve their English skills it turned to English Today as its training provider. English Today’s brilliant head teacher, Miss Amber Raymar, with more than 16 years experience in syllabus and course materials design, quickly got to work and created a truly outstanding course.

Head Teacher – Amber

Basic Teacher Profile

Language acquisition and development has always fascinated me which was why I pursued a career in language teaching. For the past 10 years I have pursued my passion in the research and the development of effective language learning programs and material design. My 18 years of experience in the EFL industry, working with a wide variety of different industries and with an extremely diverse student base, has provided me with valuable knowledge of how companies within specific industries operate and the communication skills needed by their employees. This has assisted me greatly in developing programs and materials that suit specific company needs and individual learning styles.

Course Overview


The Service Training Program provided to Traveloka was a unique blend of call centre, travel service and communication training which integrated the individual service standard of the client. It was specifically designed for customer service staff in the travel industry who needed service training and needed to develop English language skills at the same time.

General Course Objectives

The general objectives of this program where to provide Traveloka employees with the English language and service skills necessary to successfully carry out customer calls all the way from the initial call greeting to the satisfactory closure of the call.

Specific Course Objectives

In each unit of study the topic was broken down into achievable step by step ‘can do’ tasks. These ‘can do’ tasks allowed teachers to track individual progress, stakeholders to observe tangible progress, and students to be motivated by their success from unit to unit.

Class Activities

Units were filled with a variety of different communicative tasks in order to motivate students and maximize learning.  These included:
  • Language development activities
  • Service skill activities
  • Partnered performance tasks
  • Collaborative group tasks
  • Individual and pair performance activities
  • Peer assessment and evaluation activities
  • Dynamic role-play

Simulated Role-play

You are Customer Service Representatives from Traveloka. You will answer a call from a customer who needs information. You need to:
  • Open the call appropriately
  • Identify the caller
  • Identify the callers reason for calling
  • Verify the caller’s details
  • Provide the customer with the information they require
  • Give them instructions on how to access the information
  • Highlight other promos available and provide the necessary information.
  • Check the customers satisfaction, then end the call appropriately.

Progressive Assessment

English Today’s unique progressive assessment system, based on the communication objectives of each unit, allowed both teachers and stakeholders to track progress throughout each unit of study and support the individual needs of the students as the course progressed.

Course Outcome

As a result of the 30 hours of training, the staff of Traveloka have now developed the language, service skills and confidence needed to provide services to English speaking customers. This has set them apart from many of their local competitors. This was achieved by:
  • Developing a tailor made program according to the needs of the clients
  • Setting clear and tangible learning goals and expected outcomes
  • Providing a fun, stimulating and motivating learning environment
  • Monitoring and supporting the individual needs of each students throughout the program

An Interview with Amber

As soon as I meet them I knew that I had a great group of participants who were proud of their company’s services, very concerned with providing quality service to their customers, and motivated to learn. I was excited to teach them.
Both initial and continued research and program development are very important. Before the program began we meet with Traveloka and discussed their needs and exactly what they wanted from the program. We then studied the service standard of Traveloka and spent a lot of time exploring their websites, application, blogs and even advertisements in order to understand the kind of assistance customers would need, what information and services the staff would have to provide, and also the brand itself. During the program we continued exploring these and also used the participants and points of contact, like the call centre itself, as a resource.
Absolutely! Success is a very motivating factor. Leaving each session knowing that they had developed new skills and could now handle tasks they weren’t able to before was wonderful for them. I also think the fun, active class environment was very different to what they initially expected. They were very enthusiastic throughout the entire program.
I think that’s an easy question. They didn’t want ‘a run of the mill’ English course based on a course book that had no relevance for the staff. Traveloka wanted a combination of service and language training and they wanted it created according to their needs. They needed a partner who understood what they required and were prepared to create a custom program. They also wanted teachers who knew nearly as much about their business as their staff did. The bottom line for us is that their success is our success. We were prepared to put in the hard work to create exactly the kind of program that would ensure success. This is what sets English Today apart from other English training providers.

Official Client Satisfaction Score

Course Relevancy 100%
Teaching Method 99%
Course Originality & Creativity 99%
Course Effectiveness 98%
Interactivity 95%

Is your company ready for the difference?

Are you satisfied learning from a desk bound English teacher who educates from the pages of out dated books or are you looking for a multi-skilled expert and motivator who can bring out the best in your staff?  Let us show you our difference.
  • Custom designed materials made specifically for your company.
  • Real-world application, not just theories your staff will never use.
  • Hand picked, entertaining and passionate English teachers.
  • Immersive classroom environments where the students are the stars.
  • Progress you can see and hear.

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