There are many methods of learning English. You can attend the various English language academies spread throughout Jakarta, take private lessons with a tutor or study by yourself online.

Some of the problems with attending a language academy is a lack of time, terrible traffic conditions and large classes that take away any chance of personal guidance, getting a private tutor is certainly more effective than taking a class and even better if you can arrange a small group of friends to attend the class, however finding a good tutor willing to travel to you is not easy. Studying online is much more cost and time effective, however sometimes you need to find someone who can answer your questions.

The most effective way is by studying online with a native teacher, a native teacher can correct your work, analyze your weaknesses and direct you to exercises that will strengthen your weaknesses. In addition, you can find time to chat one on one through Skype. It actually doesn’t matter where in Jakarta you are, you don’t have fight the crazy traffic to get expert advice, you can turn on your computer, contact your native online teacher and book some time in his/her calendar.

The most effective way to use this new method is by writing down questions throughout the week, so that you can ask the teacher. Even more effective is to send the teacher an e-mail ahead of the class time so that he/she can prepare a clear explanation with examples.

Another great function of studying online is using Stumble Upon, this is a great application that allows you to choose what topics you are interested in, topics include History, Internet Applications, Web Design, Religion, Sports, Technology and many more. Your native teacher can custom design your program based on your interests using this application. YouTube is also a fantastic resource for teachers to provide listening comprehension on topics of interest.

Another great way to improve your English if you are at an intermediate level is to read Jakarta’s two newspapers, “The Jakarta Post” and “The Jakarta Globe” both these newspapers are online and you can copy and paste an article onto a Microsoft word document and send it to your teacher in preparation for your class. The teacher can then create vocabulary, true or false and phrase match exercises based on the article.

So as you can see, there are so many ways to learn English here in Jakarta, and the old fashioned way of joining a language academy is quickly losing flavor due to Jakarta’s traffic problem and people’s schedules becoming busier and busier. It is obviously that with the improvement of the internet and the worsening of Jakarta’s traffic problem that we will see the rise of the online teacher as people continuously look for ways to save time and become more effectively with their English language study.