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One of the biggest problems with living in Jakarta is the amount of time wasted in traffic. Even though the nearest English academy is only a few kilometers away, this may mean an extra 2 hours in traffic each English meeting. English academies usually hold classes twice a week, so that can be 4 hours in lost time per week. What value do you place on 4 hours a week of lost productivity? What can you achieve in that lost time?

More valuable ways to spend 4 hours


I am sure that you can think of many more valuable ways to spend an extra 4 hours. In order to understand how valuable your time is try this little exercise. Write down some important activities you could complete with an extra 4 hours per week.

English Lessons Private JakartaHow could you better spend your time rather than being stuck in traffic for 4 hours?

Imagine how much more effective you could be with that extra time. You could have your own qualified private English teacher travel to you anywhere in Jakarta, you would reduce wasted time in traffic and study topics and skills based on your needs and interests. Private English lessons in Jakarta is the most effective way to learn English.

Time is our most valuable asset and successful people are always looking at ways to control and reduce lost time. The good news is that English Today specializes in sending teachers for private English lessons in Jakarta. This saves you time and allows you to focus on what is more important and valuable aspects of your life.

Private lessons are more effective

In addition, private English lessons are much more effective than taking a class. Our teachers can custom design your course so that you are focusing on topics of interest and are improving the skills that you need day to day.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are qualified with either CELTA (Cambridge) or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). They have worked for the largest English institutions in Jakarta and have a vast knowledge of Indonesian English learners.

Private Lessons are Too Expensive?

Organize a small group of friends or colleagues and study in your home or office and share the costs. Private English lessons don’t have to be too expensive. English Today have a number of small classes operating in the Sudirman, Kuningan and Pondok Indah areas. Some of these classes are private and some of them are open to having new members join.

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