Specialized Business Modules Jakarta provides individuals and companies with a chance to improve Business English Communication Skills and understanding.

Business English Training Jakarta

The key to professional and effective business performance is successful English communication in a Business context. Business English Training Jakarta gives you the opportunity to practice Business English with group-work role-plays and stimulations. Specialized Business Modules can be included in a Business English language training course or taken separately as a specialized course. English Today can even mix and match courses to create the perfect customized course for your company.

English for Negotiations

Negotiating in English will teach you the language of negotiations. You will learn how to negotiate successfully with others and get what you want. Knowing how to effectively negotiate is a skill everyone must master. To be a good negotiator, you need to be good in many related areas such as bargaining, psychology, empathy, planning, scheduling, body language and so on.

English for Sales & Sales Skills

Our Sales Skills training program is a soft skill program that will improve your teams English for Sales and help them build long term customer relationships.. The program focuses on the mental process of selling, the importance of communicating and building relationships and we explore the differences between traditional and modern selling techniques.

English for Banking & Finance

Ideal for students of Economy and all Banking personnel, this course helps to develop the use of English Language and useful terminology for banking situations and throughout the financial world. English Today has already designed and conducted personalised courses for some of Jakarta’s biggest banks.

English for Academic Study

Individual Private Lessons can also be offered to students wishing to prepare themselves for academic tests such as IELTS, TOEFL SAT, ACT and TOEIC.

All of our teachers use the Cambridge CELTA (Certificate English Language Teaching to Adults) and TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Other Language) method of instruction.

English Today is now offering a 10% discount for any Business English Training booked in December even if the training starts in January next year. In addition English Today like other English language providers will raise our prices by 10% in January. So if you book next year’s training in December you will receive a massive 20% discount!